• Kathleen was delighted to find out her manuscript "Free Base" made the Top 20 Finalists for the Killer Nashville Claymore Award. The winner will be announced at the Killer Nashville Conference Awards Dinner.
  • Congratulations to all the Finalists in the 2017 Claymore Awards!
  • Writer
  • Photographer
  • Dressage Rider

Welcome to Kathleen Donnelly's webpage

Kathleen combines a love of animals training horses and teaching dressage lessons while allowing her passion of creativity to come out through writing and photography. Find out more about Kathleen and her endeavors on this website.




"When God created the horse, he said, thou shalt fly without wings and conquer without sword." ~ Koran Horse Prayer


 "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."  ~ Ernest Hemingway


"Photography is a love affair with life." ~ Burk Uzzle